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The Powers of 10 Video

I think that the “Powers of Ten” video displayed not only conceptually how raising something to a power of ten affects it, but also the incredibly large scale of the universe. During the first half of the video when the perspective is going increasingly further away from the starting point, it seems as though the viewer’s perspective is moving very quickly away from the starting point until it reaches space past Earth. Once it increases to ten to the eighteenth meters away from the starting point and above it seems to be moving very quickly, which it is, but before that it takes a fairly long time to reach the first star closest to us. Another thing from the video that puts the scale into perspective is the size of the Sun when all of the orbits of our solar system come into view. When all of the orbits are within view, the Sun looks very small within the view of the screen, showing the expanse of the outermost orbits. This still is minuscule compared to the galaxy and especially the universe. Picture Source


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